Winners of the 2022 GSTEP Challenge presented with a STEM laboratory for their school

Uaddara Basic School in the Ashanti region has received an ultra-modern STEM laboratory for winning the 2022 GSTEP Challenge. The Genius Six of Uaddara, an all-female team from Uaddara Basic school were the grand prize winners of the 2022 GSTEP Challenge. The team received GHS 4,000 worth of STEM materials for each team member, a cash prize of GHS 6,000 for their teacher, a Coursera subscription and data worth GHS 4,000, and a STEM laboratory equipped with STEM materials valued at GHS 80,000.

The STEM laboratory was designed to encourage students to practically engage with STEM subjects and develop an interest in STEM careers. The laboratory is divided into 3 sections which include the Science, Technology, and Engineering Sections. The Science section is equipped with various science apparatus, chemicals, and equipment to assist in the practical teaching and learning of science subjects. The Engineering section is equipped with saws, hammers, and other engineering tools. The technology section is equipped with laptops, a 3-D printer, filament, raspberry pi kits, and many other technological materials.

The laboratory was presented at an event held on the school campus. In attendance were the 4 Garrison Education Officer, Lt. Col. V.B.Z Akatey, a representative from the Ashanti Regional Directorate of the Ghana Education Service, the Ashanti Regional STEM coordinator, Adam Issifu, headmistress of Uaddara Basic School, Madam Theresa Achiamaah, teachers, staff and students of Uaddara Basic School. The Ashanti Regional Directorate of the GES expressed their gratitude for the support of the DreamOval and GSTEP team in encouraging STEM education among Ghanaian children. Lt. Col. Z.B.V Akatey also thanked the all present and assured the GSTEP team that the materials and equipment provided will be used to practically teach students STEM subjects.

The Programmes Manager for the DreamOval Foundation, Keren Beechem, took guests through the laboratory and explained how the various sections of the laboratory will support the practical teaching and learning of STEM subjects. Students of the school were shown the various materials and equipment provided and how they could be used to help them develop their interest in STEM. The winners of the Challenge, the Genius Six of Uaddara expressed their gratitude to the DreamOval Foundation for the support provided thus far and assured the team that they will continue to study hard and develop their interest in STEM.

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