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The virtual AfriCAN Code Challenge is a coding challenge which is open to youth aged 8 years to 16 years currently residing or attending school in Ghana. The challenge is an African wide initiative in partnership with ACW, SAP, UNESCO and Irish Aid.

The AfriCAN Code Challenge is an exciting pan-African competition that invites youth aged 8-16 years to program a Scratch game that connects with the ‘Protecting Life Together’ theme. Participants are invited to compete individually or in teams of up to five people.

Do you have a passion for tech and innovation? Would you like to play a part in the future of education? Then what are you waiting for?

Once you have registered and your game is done, submit a 3-minute YouTube video presenting your game concept before 7th October 2022. Any video that exceeds this limit will have points deducted. Winners / winning teams in each country automatically agree to compete in the Africa-wide competition.

Announcement of winners will be done on 18th October 2022. From there, our courageous finalists will compete in the Pan-African finals.

Register and submit your project here.

This year is simpler. There are 2 steps to joining the AfriCAN Code Challenge.

  1. Work on your project.
  2. Register and submit your project with this link.

Read the terms and conditions here.

How to win

Solo or Teams: You can compete either individually or in teams (5 members per team max).

Gender Balance: If competing in a team, you must have at least 1 female and 1 male per team

Residency: Individuals must reside or attend school in the country they are competing under.

Multiple Teams: Individuals can only be entered into 1 team, while multiple teams can be entered from a school or coding club.

Register and Submit your project here:


  1. Your game must be coded with scratch. Any version of the Scratch software can be used.
  2. Your game needs to fit with the ‘Change the world with your Superpowers’ theme.

  3. You must produce and submit a 3-minute YouTube video explaining and showing how your game works, how it was coded and how it fits with the theme and judging criteria (see below). The video also needs to show the Project Name and Logo that you or your team came up with.

We recommend that your video is created using a screen capture and voice-over method. This will allow the judges to clearly see the game and will avoid the need to include images of team members.

Ready to code? Let’s start!

Register and Submit your project here:


Here is how Judges will evaluate each entry.

1. Functionality & Innovation 

  • Does the game work as intended?
  • Is the game easy to use?
  • Is the game imaginative?
  • Does the game include original and well-written code?

2. Community Responsibility

  • Is the game accessible for its target audience? i.e., is it suitable for the age range you built it for?
  • How does the game address the theme?

3. Communications

  • Aesthetics: does the game display correctly and look nice?
  • Creativity and design of the game’s name and logo
  • Presentation of the game on the video

Have you understood the judging criteria? Let’s have fun and code!

Register and submit your project here: