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The Ghana Science & Tech Explorer prize is a dynamic education programme for Junior High School students centred on a challenge prize. Students will compete to produce digital products and services aimed at tackling key issues within their community, such as health or the environment.

This will take a stage-gate approach, where thousands of young people will be given an opportunity to come up with digital solutions and ideas and then a cohort of finalist teams will be selected to go on to receive seed funding, mentoring and development over the course of the school year. In the final round, cash prizes will be awarded to the winning teams’ schools and a pipeline of post prize activities will also be developed.

This challenge prize is not focused on purely driving towards grand prizes each year; it is designed to provide the appropriate incentivisation levels to engage young people, teachers and schools in active learning models, through the development of community-focused products and services.

Key attributes of this prize are the nature of the resources and training provided, product development, acceleration models and creating pathways to continued development.

Our Target


Public and Private school youth ages, 11-16 primarily students within Junior High School (JHS) tier. The aim is to help maximise their socio-economic development, prospects and opportunities for the future.

Youth Ambassadors

For students aged 14-18, a group of 20 young representatives from a specified region are selected yearly to represent their region. With the aim to help the programme connect, inspire and promote the benefits of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) to the wider youth population in Ghana. The steering group will serve as an extension of the Core Partners Working Group and act as advocates for the

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The focus is on the public sector to equip 500 teachers with tools and skills on harnessing technology for social good, tackling real-world problems relevant to young people.


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