ACW - DreamOval Foundation

Africa Code Week is a digital literacy initiative focused on providing students and educators with technological skills, resources, and knowledge to support the provision of digital skills to the next generation. The initiative provides capacity-building opportunities for teachers and encourages female participation in technology.

As part of activities for the program, educators across the country participate in workshops in coding and digital literacy. They are provided with the tools and resources to teach their students how to code and use technology to address real-life challenges. Students across the country are also provided with support to code and develop skills in logical reasoning, problem-solving, and creative thinking.

Africa Code Week – Train the Trainer 2023

The Train the Trainer programme is an essential aspect of the Africa Code Week programme. This programme provides educators across Ghana with coding skills and knowledge using the SCRATCH programming language. Training sessions will run from Monday 9th October to Friday 13th October 2023. If you are interested in participating in the training kindly complete the form provided here.