Recipients of the Greater Accra 2023 GSTEP Challenge Awards and Their Schools Receive STEM Materials

The 2023 GSTEP Challenge brought together teams from the Greater Accra Region, including the Accra Metropolitan, La Dade-Kotopon Municipal, and Ayawaso North Municipal. 

The winning recipients of the GSTEP prestigious awards were the Get Group from John Wesley Methodist Basic School, the ultimate winner, and AquaSentry from Services Primary/JHS, the first runner-up. Other notable recipients included Xavier Genius from St. Francis Xavier R/C Basic School and Science Breakers from Accra College Of Education Demonstration School.

The winners, Global Engineering Technology (GET) Group and Aqua Sentry, along with other category winners, expressed heartfelt appreciation to the GSTEP team for the honour bestowed upon their students and schools.

The official presentations took place from June 4th to 6th, 2024. The STEM materials included a 3D Printer, complemented with a week-long intensive training program for both students and teachers, Laptops, Raspberry Pi 4 Desktop Kit, Soldering kits, Mathematical sets, Measuring tools, and other valuable resources.

Headmasters and headteachers used the occasion to motivate other students to prioritize their studies to qualify for the next phase of the GSTEP Challenge. 

The headmaster of each recipient school expressed sincere gratitude to the GSTEP team for the generous provision of materials, assuring diligent utilization to enhance STEM teaching and learning within their institutions.

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