GSTEP finalists in Greater Accra engage in an industry visit to the Museum of Science & Technology

Through the GSTEP programme, the DreamOval Foundation introduces young people to engaging and immersive experiences in STEM to ignite their interest in STEM fields. On Wednesday, 25th October 2023, students and teachers from eleven finalist teams in Accra visited the Museum of Science and Technology. These visits serve as eye-openers into the world of STEM, sparking the curiosity of all participants and deepening their appreciation for innovation.

The visit began with a tour through the museum, enlightening the students on the history of objects displayed. The journey did not only expose our young ones to the historical significance of showcased items but also threw more light on how relevant and vital their role is in shaping our environment and the society at large.

As the tour progressed, the students showed active interest in the artifacts on display, quizzing their guides and seizing the opportunity to capture memories alongside models of renowned STEM projects from around the world. The visit was more than just an educational outing; it served as an inspirational opportunity for these young minds to witness the achievements of their peers, igniting their own aspirations.

Additionally, the students partook in an entertaining STEM activity session led by a group of proficient STEM experts. During this session, the teams were introduced to the fascinating world of IoT devices and sensors, gaining insights into how these technologies collect and transmit crucial data. They also delved into the basics of coding, discovering how this fundamental skill can be harnessed to tackle real-world problems. This interactive session encouraged students to ask questions and experiment with these STEM devices, driving their curiosity and knowledge.

This industry visit was a transformative experience. It offered all participating teams a new perspective on the subjects they study, kindling a deep-seated interest in the fields of STEM. This journey celebrated not only the wonder of science and technology but also the limitless potential of these bright young minds.

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