DreamOval Foundation provides STEM materials for schools in Greater Accra through GSTEP programme

The DreamOval Foundation has provided the winners of the 2022 GSTEP Challenge in the Greater Accra region with STEM materials for their schools. Each winning team from the Challenge was awarded an amount of STEM materials to support the STEM needs of their schools. The winning teams included the LPG Detector team from Osu Home JHS, the Achievers team from Services Primary & JHS, and the Nunya team from Ayikuma M/A Memorial School.

Each school was presented with scientific instruments, technological gadgets, and engineering equipment to support the teaching and learning of STEM subjects. The presentation was done at the various schools with the materials presented to the headteachers of each school. The Programmes Manager for the DreamOval Foundation, Keren Beechem, presented the STEM materials to the headteachers of the winning schools. In attendance were students and teachers of the winning schools.

The provision of materials for the winning teams is aimed at supporting schools to encourage students to develop an interest in STEM and improve practical teaching and learning of STEM subjects. Students of the winning schools were encouraged to think critically and creatively about the issues around them and use the resources and materials they receive to build their knowledge in STEM.

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