End of year message from the DreamOval Foundation

Ending the year offers an opportunity to assess and review opportunities and challenges and also set goals and expectations for the coming year. 2022 has seen the DreamOval Foundation achieve more in its mandate to increase access to quality education for Ghanaian youth.This year, the Foundation has successfully expanded opportunities for more Ghanaian youth than ever before with several more to benefit in the coming months.

The Foundation has expanded the reach and impact of its programmes and continues to create more avenues for Ghanaian youth to acquire relevant skills and compete globally. In partnership with SAP, 95,000 students were taught how to code through the Africa Code Week programme. 1,035 teachers were also taught how to code using the SCRATCH programming language as part of the programme. 

Out of over 800 applications received, 50 finalist teams were selected to participate in the Ghana Science and Tech Explorer Prize (GSTEP) Challenge. The participating teams were taken through a series of workshops, provided with mentors, coaches and resources and had the opportunity to participate in a series of practical activities in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). 

The achievement of these outcomes will not have been possible without the support of key partners and stakeholders. Our appreciation goes to the Ministry of Education and the Ghana Education Service in supporting and ensuring the successful implementation of our programmes. We are also thankful for the support of our industry partners which include Fidelity Bank, Stanbic Bank, Multimedia Ghana Limited and Graphic Communications. 

The implementation of the GSTEP Programme has made a significant impact on the participants, their schools and teachers. The achievement of the programme’s outcomes is made possible through the support of Fondation Botnar, a Swiss philanthropic organisation that supports ideas that bring the potential of AI and digital technology to life to create better, more inclusive spaces and platforms that support young people’s wellbeing with equity and responsibility at its core. We appreciate the support thus far and look forward to working together to increase opportunities for more Ghanaian youth in the coming year. 

The achievement of the outcomes of the GSTEP Programme are successfully implemented through the efforts and support of the consortium which include Challenge Works, Foundervine, MEST Africa and DEXT Technology. We are thankful for the continued support of all partners in the consortium. We have made significant strides in the implementation of the GSTEP Programme and are hopeful that next year will see the achievement of more goals.

To all participants and beneficiaries of the Foundation’s programmes, we believe that this year we have provided more opportunities, skills and resources. We continue to encourage the application and knowledge sharing by beneficiaries to expand the reach and impact of the programmes. We look forward to creating more opportunities to increase the access and quality of education in Ghana through the implementation of interventions that support the provision of relevant skills and knowledge for Ghanaian youth.

We wish all a successful end of year and a fruitful new year.

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