Eastern Region joins the GSTEP Challenge

Finalist teams, mentors and coaches from the Eastern region were officially inducted into the GSTEP programme on Thursday 20th July 2023 at the GNAT Hall, Koforidua. This was an exciting event for the teams as the region joins the Challenge for the first time. Over 150 participants were present at the event where they were introduced to the programme and participated in a series of workshops.

The teams were welcomed into the programme by the Executive Director of the DreamOval Foundation, Afua Asiamah Adjei. She congratulated the teams and encouraged them to put in their best and assured them of the support of the Foundation and its partners to support them successfully complete the programme. Mina Asabea, Project Coordinator for DreamOval Foundation, acknowledged the efforts of the Regional STEM coordinators in recruiting schools to participate in the programme. She further encouraged them to continue to support their teams that have made it to participate in all activities and programmes as well as the completion of their projects.

The teams participated in a series of workshops to prepare them for the Challenge and provide them practical STEM skills and knowledge. They were engaged in team building activities as well as some fun STEM activities. The teams were also taken through financing and budgeting as well as business plan development. These sessions provided them with key information and knowledge to enable them think through their ideas and financial considerations.

Teachers, coaches and mentors also participated in a series of sessions to introduce them to the programme and provide them guidance on their expectations during the programme. The teams were introduced to their mentors and coaches who engaged them to understand their projects and what they were trying to achieve. The session also provided the mentors and coaches with information on the support the team will need during the programme. 

The teams are now proceeding into the finalist support stage of the programme where they will be provided with guidance, materials and resources to develop their ideas. They will participate in a series of mentoring and coaching sessions where they will be supported to build their prototypes. They will also be provided with the materials they need in the development of their prototypes. The support and resources provided are to support the teams practically develop STEM skills and knowledge.

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