DreamOval Foundation proceeds with the 2023 edition of the GSTEP Challenge

The impact and outcomes of the  Ghana Science & Tech Explorer Prize (GSTEP) Challenge has garnered the respect and admiration of many. The last edition of the program saw 50 finalist teams successfully completing the Challenge after going through a series of workshops, mentorship, coaching and STEM related activities.

Each team developed prototypes aimed at addressing key issues in communities and society at large and presented these prototypes to the general public at an exhibition. The program has offered students from 125 public and private schools the opportunity to acquire practical STEM and business skills and positively impact their communities.

The DreamOval Foundation continues in its mandate to support increasing access to quality education and technological skills through initiatives such as the GSTEP Challenge. This year promises to be more exciting with more outcomes achieved. Participating teams for the Challenge have been increased to 100 and will be selected from the Greater Accra, Eastern and Ashanti Regions. This will offer the opportunity for more Ghanaian youth to benefit from the program and in turn positively impact more communities. 

The teams will participate in a series of workshops that will prepare them for the Challenge and also provide them with relevant entrepreneurial skills. The teams will also be provided with technical STEM knowledge and skills to support them in the development of their prototypes. The teams will also be provided with mentors and coaches who will guide them through the Challenge and provide them with the needed support to build and apply on their knowledge skill set during and post the Challenge.

The DreamOval Foundation will continue to work with the Ministry of Education and Ghana Education Service to ensure the successful implementation of the GSTEP program and enable participants to receive knowledge and skills that will support in their studies and beyond. Teams interested in participating in the GSTEP Challenge can visit www.gstep.org.gh to learn more and apply.

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