DreamOval Foundation: A Force behind STEM Education in Ghana.

Being in existence for about nine (9) years, the DreamOval Foundation has set a benchmark for itself by involving itself sternly in the education system of Ghana. Since its inception, the foundation has made it a responsibility to engage teachers and students all over the country in training programs and activities yearly. The foundation has collaborated with other prominent institutions and organizations to organize these programs. Some of these programs are FemITI, iTeach, DOTTS, and Africa Code Week. Now, the foundation gears towards STEM education.

These programs have equipped teachers with some of the necessary skills they need in the classroom, especially when it comes to STEM education. The foundation has also tasked itself to provide students with the necessary educational skill sets they need in this fast-growing world.  The education system in Ghana is still a growing one. The introduction of STEM education shows how are willing as a country to be on par with the developed countries. 

STEM education has become an essential form of education needed to improve education in Ghana. Taking into consideration the technological era we are in now, it is important for learners and teachers to understand the importance and relevance of STEM education and why it should be embraced. 

DremOval Foundation is still taking giant steps to promote STEM education in Ghana. It is the lead implementing body of the Ghana Science and Tech Explorer Prize (GSTEP). This initiative seeks to inspire and empower the young generation of inventors, entrepreneurs, as well as industry leaders in Ghana. With this initiative in place, STEM education in Ghana is about to be taken to the next level. 

The GSTEP Challenge is an initiative that has taken into consideration the future of children and education in Ghana, paring with developed countries. It is known that developed countries have taken STEM education seriously as it is helping the youth find footing in their various capacities and abilities. The advancement of technology cannot be undermined in the present day, and no one would want to be left behind. Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are courses beginning to become the threshold on which education systems around the world rely. 

With the future of the youth of Ghana in mind, DreamOval Foundation leaves no stone unturned. It is refreshing to know that the foundation is here to stay and to help improve the education system in Ghana. 

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