GSTEP Finalists Teams Visit Academic City University 

GSTEP finalist teams from the Greater Accra Region on October 26th, and Friday, October 27th, 2023, explored Academic City University College. The teams embarked on an industry visit to engage with real life STEM facilities and equipment.

With so much excitement and expectations, the students, their teachers and STEM coordinators, walked through the halls of the institution, guided by a trained staff. They visited the lecture halls, STEM-related laboratories and other important STEM spaces of the university.

The students and all other GSTEP participants were warmly welcomed by the university staff. The university’s respected staff extended a gracious welcome to the students. 

The administrative staff of the university provided a concise introduction to the institution, its academic offerings, and its commitment to advancing STEM education in Ghana.

Beaming with smiles, both teachers and students engaged the university staff in insightful discussions, addressing questions relating to how to gain entry into the university. These interactions served as a source of inspiration and offered valuable insights into the students’ understanding of the diligence and determination required for a career in STEM fields.

The teams engaged in four sessions with experts in the respective fields namely robotics, virtual reality, laser Cutting and 3D printing. During the robotics session, students had an engaging conversation about the diverse applications of robotics in STEM fields and how they can effectively solve societal problems.

The virtual reality session generated a buzz of enthusiasm and amusement, as the teams explored the use of VR headsets, controllers, and its related equipment. They were also taken through laser cutting sessions where they had the opportunity to try their hands using a laser cutting machine. In groups, the teams delved into 3D printing using basic 3D designs.

The visit was an experience that will shape their educational journey, instil a love for learning, and inspire a lifelong passion for science. Through hands-on exploration, exposure to diverse scientific disciplines, the industry visits organised by the DreamOval Foundation play a vital role in nurturing the scientists and innovators of tomorrow. Leaving the university, the teams departed with renewed enthusiasm, a stronger appreciation for STEM, and the belief that their STEM journeys could lead to remarkable achievements in the near future. 

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