Africa Code Week 2019

Digital literacy has become a driving force for thriving economies across the world today. The world’s advanced societies have long lived on this mantra to drive their economies, education and services through advanced and digital revolution.

This is why the introduction of Africa Code Week, an initiative by SAP to transform Africa’s youth, is making strides and introducing children and youth to coding. This all happens during the annually celebrated coding program for the youth known as Africa Code Week. Having run this initiative for 4 years, the DreamOval Foundation, as the implementing partners in Ghana, has once again set a high standard for this year’s initiative with an ambition to introduce 150,000 youth from Accra and the Ashanti region to coding. 

With an impressive launch of this year’s edition in Accra, the teachers are poised and inspired to embrace this new culture and get their students involved in coding. For us at DreamOval Foundation, coding goes beyond the language. Our interest is to inspire confidence in the youth and get them to be creative thinkers in addressing the challenges of the country. We believe the current generation of Ghanaian youth require such minds sets to change the image on the continent. We are passionate about inculcating more skills in the youth to ensure they have a mindset that thinks outside the box.

In addition to this year’s Africa Code Week is the introduction of children with special needs to coding using Scratch in order to ensure they are a part of the digital revolution. The DreamOval Foundation organized a special coding class for these children with special needs at the Dzorwulu Special School. Our mantra is “Coding is a new language every Child deserves to fluent” is the reason we are spurred on to leave no stone unturned and empower these children. Speaking after the coding session, the CEO of DreamOval Mr. Claud Hutchful, expressed his deep passion for the talents exhibited by the kids and expressed the company’s desire to allow two students of the school to join the company to do their internship next summer. The country Ambassador for ACW, Francis Ahene-Affoh said the introduction of an all-inclusive education initiative was what drove the foundation to include the Dzorwulu Special School this year. ‘We believe coding is necessary for every child, including those with disabilities. This is why Africa Code Week will be celebrated every year with a focus on one special school to ensure every child is digitally empowered for the 21st-century job market.’

This training lived up to expectation as the kids were excited and wished the class would be extended. The DreamOval Foundation will be there to support and motivate them to make it happen. Yes, we believe they can and we will help them enjoy the coding session during Africa Code Week. We are all code for a better tomorrow.

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