My first DOTTS Experience

Three days before  the October edition of DOTTS, Keren (a colleague) walked to my desk and whispered “Ese we would like you to coordinate DOTTS this Friday” I startled…looked around me and came back to look at her face and asked, “why should I do it?” I startled not because I couldn’t do what she was asking me to do, but I realized I haven’t been to any DOTTS session before. Moreover, I was barely a month old with this wonderful and amazing family (we call ourselves DOers).

When Keren left my table I started to ponder, I hadn’t hosted any program in ages. Truth is I didn’t prepare until the day came. Few hours to the event, I was handed the programme outline and a BIO of the guest speaker.

At about 6:00pm my colleagues and I began to head towards the venue. When I entered the hall I could count about 6 to 10 people who were chit chatting. Before the programme began, there was time for networking while guests were served with soft drinks and some pastries to nibble on if you were hungry. That was just timely because most of us were tired and hungry. We couldn’t help but do justice.

A lot more people trooped in during the network session and before i knew it, it was time to set the ball rolling. Beginning with a prayer and a brief introduction of what DOTTS is all about, I got my audience looking and listening to me with rapt attention. The nervousness was gone and I just had to flow. I interacted with a few and smiled to the crowd which made them connect with me. Since this was my first time at DOTTS, I had the opportunity to make this my way and have a style that will make everyone comfortable. Before I could finish telling the audience about DOTTS, KSM walked in and I began to feel a bit nervous. Why do I have to feel intimidated because our guest of honour is in? I asked myself. Come on Ese….you’ve got this! And I took control once again, wowing the audience.

After the introduction, KSM took the floor. As usual, he broke the ice with a joke. There was never a dull moment through his presentation. KSM was undoubtedly compelling just holding our attention with his wise words and witty jokes.

KSM shared fond memories from his childhood and how he was always among the last in his class. In fact his teacher referred to him as “Tiwee”(in his own words meaning dumb). His father described him as a boy who did things haphazardly but accurately (what a description). He shared with us most of what he went through growing up from how he realized he had Sickle cell, which made him unable to go to Mfantsipim, his preferred choice. Instead, he went to PRESEC for a year. Thankfully, his father was the moderator of the Presbyterian church by then.

I wish I could go on and on to tell you about all that he shared with us that evening. Ahaaa….before I forget, he was in NAFTI for a year and it was there that his creativity kicked in. He played a one man show as seven distinct characters. He confessed that he hadn’t had any show of that nature ever since. Can you a imagine? ADONBILIVIT! One person playing seven characters. How did he do that? Trust me that must be a lot of work.

After that particular show, a man from the crowd met him and advised he furthers his education in the United States. In the US, KSM studied Drama and Communications. It was in the United States that he realized a drastic change in his academic performance and he became one of the best students.

I can go on and on and on…during his presentation, he will chip in jokes here and there…of course, you have to expect that from someone who has a very high sense of humor. I learnt a few things; that whether or not the system favours you, you need to question the “HOW”. In that case, you are not limiting your creativity to knowledge. No matter how knowledgeable you are, if you don’t apply it to creativity, it won’t work. We need to do more than just learning. We need to apply. It makes us better people.

My first DOTTS was just amazing. I give God the glory that I made my bosses and colleagues proud. Everybody was proud of me and I was happy I “killed” it.

Written By;

Lydia Esenam Adzimah

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