GSTEP Challenge Proceeds to the Next Phase

The Ghana Science & Tech Explorer Prize (GSTEP) Challenge is proceeding into its next phase with two induction events for 50 selected finalists of the Challenge. The induction events were held in the Greater Accra and Ashanti regions to welcome the finalists into the challenge and provide them with tools and resources to enable them successfully participate in the programme.

In Greater Accra, the finalists induction event was held at the auditorium of the Church of Latter Day Saints, Oyarifa on Tuesday 20th September 2022. The event saw the finalist teams participate in a series of workshops to adequately prepare them for the Challenge.

The sessions were focused  on key areas in STEM to provide practical knowledge in the development of their prototypes, team building exercises to enable them work effectively in teams as well as entrepreneurship and presentation skills to provide them with the skills to effectively present their projects.

Some finalists are being taken through the drone experience

Induction Activities

The finalists participated in a drone experience led by Ghana Flying Labs where they had the opportunity to be briefed on drones and try their hands on flying drones. In the team building sessions, the finalists were placed in teams and participated in team building activities.

The finalists had the opportunity to engage with young entrepreneurs in STEM through the entrepreneurship sessions. The entrepreneurs took them through different discussions on entrepreneurship and provided them with knowledge on how to succeed in entrepreneurship. They were also provided with practical skills to enable them build confidence and effectively present their ideas.

The finalists induction event for finalists in the Ashanti Region was held at the Anglican Senior High School, on Tuesday 27th September 2022 in Kumasi. All 25 finalist teams took part in activities and workshops to prepare them for the Challenge.

The teams were taken through prototyping and project management sessions to provide them with hands-on experience on developing prototypes, as well as sessions on entrepreneurship and presentation skills. They were briefed on  STEM based education and also had the opportunity to participate in a series of team building activities.

What to Expect in the Next Phase

The next phase of the challenge, the Finalist Support Stage, has officially commenced. During this phase, the 50 finalists of the Challenge will be provided with the needed resources, tools and knowledge to assist them in implementing their ideas. The teams have been provided with mentors who will guide them by providing them with the needed knowledge, over the period to enable them effectively work together to bring the best out of their ideas.

The teams will also have coaching sessions to guide them with the technical know-how to develop their prototypes. The teams will also participate in visits to organizations to have hands-on experience on how ideas are developed and churned into solutions for communities and society at large.

GSTEP Challenge is a challenge prize for JHS students and teachers in Greater Accra and Ashanti regions to excite and encourage them to develop practical STEM skills and products that benefit local communities. The GSTEP program is run by a consortium of 5 organizations led by DreamOval Foundation, in partnership with Challenge Works, UK, MEST Africa, DEXT Technology & Foundervine, UK.

GSTEP is funded by Fondation Botnar, a Swiss philanthropic foundation working to improve the health and well-being of young people living in cities around the world. The GSTEP Challenge is in its second year and is focused on improving the quality of education, creating opportunities for the youth, and providing solutions for local communities through STEM.

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