Africa Code Week Train the Trainer 2022

As part of activities for this year’s Africa Code Week, DreamOval Foundation is organizing a 7-day training session for 1,350 teachers from different schools in the country. The purpose of these training sessions is to equip the teachers with the necessary skills in coding using the Scratch Coding Program. With the knowledge gained from the training sessions, they should train over 90,000 students nationwide.

At DreamOval Foundation, the interest is to inspire the young generation to grow up to become critical thinkers and industry leaders. In this fast-growing era, Ghanaian children cannot be left out and must be taught to adapt quickly. The inculcation of this mindset in the children would help them think outside the box and approach issues in their communities and in the country with a new mindset. 

In today’s world, digital literacy is essential. One cannot do without the use of technology in their day-to-day activities. For this reason and many others Africa Code Week, an initiative by SAP and the DreamOval Foundation, is taking the bull by the horns and making strides to educate children in coding. This initiative, in its fifth year, aims to train 95,000 children in coding. 

This year, the Train the Trainer program is being held virtually. Two sessions are held each day and experts in the Scratch Program train the teachers on different aspects of the coding program. Maximum attention is given to the teachers to ensure they are adequately trained to provide the necessary skills to their students. Teachers are also provided with the necessary resources to ensure that the desired outcomes of the program are achieved. 

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